Survey Overview 

        The Military Friendly® Brands survey uses a common assessment framework to organize the various indicators that are available to score products, services, and companies on social performance. Note that when we refer to “military consumers” in this survey unless otherwise indicated, we are including active military, veterans, members of the Reserves/National Guard, and military spouses.


Here Is What The Survey Covers

  • General Company Information

    Your institution’s location, services, products, etc. This includes information that your company would like us to communicate to prospective consumers in publications such as Military Spouse Magazine.

  • Policies and Governance Indicators

    They characterize overall corporate governance, the policies and practices a company has adopted (including their applicability to its supply chain), a company's compliance record and involvement in controversies, and whether a company is engaged in any exemplary practices.

  • Transparency Indicators

    They track whether the information needed to assess community investment and engagement is made available by a company.

  • Consumer Indicators

    They include customer service and support policies, as well as information about marketing practices and consumer satisfaction. Community indicators track a company's community relationships, stakeholder engagement initiatives, and public policy positions.

Course curriculum

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