Survey Overview 

        This survey helps us capture and share best practices in supporting the success of members of the military community, including veterans, members of the Reserves/National Guard, and military spouses as they interact with companies as employees, consumers, and suppliers. In prior years, this survey was delivered separately, requiring organizations to re-enter information multiple times.

        The Military Friendly® Companies survey provides a single interface for organizations to provide inputs that will be evaluated both in separate indices as well as across a complete roll-up score for top-performing companies that interact and support the military community across multiple domains. At the beginning of this survey, you may select which section or sections you would like to complete. Based on your selection, you will only be shown the requisite questions from that portion of the survey. General company information will be requested only once of all survey participants at the beginning of the survey. Be sure to fill out as much of the survey as possible to receive a maximum score. Each section starts with instructions that will provide you with all of the detail you will need to complete the survey efficiently. If you have questions, there are several options for timely answers:

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