Don't speak Military?

This course is designed to provide you with the basic core knowledge for military recruitment, engagement, and retention success. This course is a 60-90 minute interactive course with 6 focus topics designed as a test to advance module with resources and downloads.

  • Military Structure and Governance

  • Values and Alignment of the Armed Forces

  • How to Tell the Difference in Service Statuses

  • Military Occupations and Codes

  • Rank Structures and Civilian Equivalencies

  • Military Transition Process

Military 101 is a dynamic course built to empower you and drive success.

Each module includes a "test your knowledge" section in addition to "focus topic" related resources.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Structure and Governance

    • Main Course

    • Fun Facts Overview Resource

    • Learning Outcomes

  • 3

    Values and Alignment

    • Main Course

    • Armed Forces Values - Detailed

    • Branch Songs

  • 4

    Service Status

    • Main Course

    • Guard and Reserve Population Breakdown

    • Serice Status Details

  • 5

    Military Occupations and Codes

    • Main Course

    • Translation Resources

    • Translation Resources

  • 6

    Rank Structures and Equivalencies

    • Main Course

    • Enlisted Rank Equivalencies

    • Officer Rank Equivalencies

  • 7

    Military Transition

    • Main Course

    • Tap Program Overview

  • 8


    • Military 101 FeedBack

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